A Zombie Novella

Welcome to my blog for Turning, the novella! This is the spot to find news on the eBook, added snippets, and any future plans for the story and its world. If you've read it, I hope you enjoyed it, and thanks. :) If you're new to the story, check it out below.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

On the edge of the unknown...

Well, it's Easter Saturday, around 9.00pm. I've been plodding away on my blog's design for a few hours, most of which involved obsessively hue-shifting text colours from forest green to olive green, and back again. I should mention here that I'm an obsessive hue-shifter, and yes, there's a support group for people with this addiction. ;)
I'm on the brink of uploading my first eBook, Turning, to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the Apple Store. It might be tomorrow, or it might be next week, but it's in the ether. I have bags under my eyes and burnt retinas from solid, white monitor glare. There's tree lines of coffee cups edging the dump that is my desk.
After all the work involved - writing, revising, beta reading, and working with an editor - it does feel strange to be at this point. I still have to finish formatting my eBook, and this requires getting my head around html. But it's almost there!

So...thanks for dropping by! And welcome to the official Turning blog. :D

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