A Zombie Novella

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Refresh, refresh, refresh...

Turning is up on Amazon!
What a ride it has been. Pardon the pun, but publishing my zombie ebook has been a process of massive transformation. A couple of years ago, I wrote a story. Now I've created a book. They're not to be confused. The lessons I've learned, especially from working with my editor, Sirra Girl, have given me great insight and inspiration to never stop trying to become a better writer.

I guess it's an odd thing to post about on the release of a new book. I should be satisfied. I should mentally relax, like I promised myself. I should have one of those days when someone asks you to do something and your response is, "I can't - the cat's on my lap."

But I'm hungry for more. My book is UP, I keep telling myself. But I just want to get writing again! New characters have appeared, already talking to each other in my head. New scenes from this dystopian world are popping to the surface. I'm trying to hold them under for just a bit longer. If not for my own sanity, for my partner's.

I thought writing was meant to be relaxed, even...cushy at times. I've come to respect that writing can involve a gruelling mental load. I kinda miss those jobs where you shut down your computer, and that really means you shut down.

Bahhh. Who am I kidding. :)


  1. Hello, and congratulations on making your book a reality! I remember my first book... I published it in 2002 (has it really been ten year?)and afterwards I felt kind of lost... until I started my next book, that is.

    I find the more I write, the more I have to write about. But if I ignore the stories and characters bubbling to the surface, they go away of their own accord never to arise again, a death of sorts... a death by attrition, so to speak.

    Over the years writing has become a way of life for me... I work part time to pay those pesky bills and keep the lights on and I spend the rest of my time writing. The littlest thing can act as a seed crystal for a story... a word spoken, a song lyric, a short newspaper article.

    I don't worry too much about selling books... I mean, sure, it would be nice to sell a ton of them so I could write full time. But that isn't why I write. I write because I have so much to say!

    Thank you, I enjoyed reading your blog.


  2. Hi Dan,
    thanks for popping by and sharing your experience! You're the first person to comment. :)
    It is sooo true about ignoring stories and characters that bubble to the surface. And scenes. I find that even if I can remember scenes after the fact, I can't recapture their initial essence...or what made them tick. The emotion is lost in the recording of the memory of the scene or dialogue.

    That's great that you have so much to say! Many writers would envy that. I think that's the storytelling way of looking at it, rather than the book-writing way. I doubt you'll ever get writer's block! :)

  3. So true. If you're not writing, you're thinking about writing. After typing THE END, it usually takes one day before I inch back to the keyboard.

    We need help. ;)

    Great post, Meinda!

  4. Ha! I think it took me three, so I guess I can count myself lucky! Thanks for commenting. :)